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(thiaminum sin.: anevrin, vitamin B) - the water-soluble vitamin ontaining in grain and bean produts, and also produts of an animal origin is the predeessor tiamindifosfata at insuffiieny in food infringements of funtion of nervous system, napr develop. polinevrit, astenija.
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Santoninovaja test

(istor.) - a method of researh of antitoxi funtion of the liver, based{foundedestablished} on ability of a liver to transform entered intravenously santonin in oksisantonin, alloated with urine and found out on its{her} olouring in red olor at addition of austi alkali.
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(pleo-+ greh. optikos onerning sight) - the setion of ophthalmology developing methods of treatment ambliopii.
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Brandt a syndrome

(Th. Brandt, a sort. In , Swedish dermatolog) - see Akrodermatit enteropatihesky.
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(greh. aro-) - a prefix meaning: ) branh, removal ) anellation ) ompleteness ) strengthening of ation .
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Tsjultsera- illness

(W. W. Zuelzer, a sort. In , amer. The pediatrist F. N. Ogden, sovr. amer. The dotor) - gipohromnaja an anemia at hildren of the hest age, aused by lak of a feed{meal} tsianokobalamina, foli and asorbi aids it is haraterized gemorragiheskim by a diathesis, megaloblastiheskoj the form gemopoeza, gepatosplenomegaliej. CH
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Iodi number

-a parameter of the maintenane of nonlimiting fat aids in fat or the oil, expressed by quantity of iodine in the grams, an investigated organi substane joining grams.
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Tromboembolija a pulmonary artery

(thromboembolia arteriae pulmonalis) - a syndrome aused emboliej of a pulmonary trunk or its{his} branhes by a blood lot, desribed sharp infringement of blood irulation and external breath, and at overlapping{bloking} small branhes - symptoms of formation{eduation} gemorragiheskih heart attaks of a lung.
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(greh. elektron amber) - the omponent of omplex{diffiult} words meaning eletri, aused by the eletri phenomena , onneted with an eletri field or a urrent .
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Legs o-shaped

-deformation of legs at bilateral genu varum, desribed substantial growth of distane between knee joints.
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Sanitary- group army, front

(istor.) - sanitary-and-epidemiologi establishment of army (front), intended the organization and arrying out of ations on sanitary-and-hygieni and protivoepidemiheskomu to maintenane of armies.
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Inompatibility of mediinal substanes

(inompatibilitas mediamentorum) - easing, disappearane or a distortion of therapeuti effet of mediinal substanes or strengthening of their ollateral ation at joint appliation.
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Zavarzin the theory

(A.A.Zavarzin, -, owls. The histologist sin, the theory of fabri evolution) - the theory, aording to whih fabri, idential funtions arrying out at animal various types (protetive, a metabolism, movements, reatane), find out similar features of a struture and parallel diretions of evolution (boundary fabris, fabris of the internal environment, musular and nervous fabris).
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(masturbatio an armour. manus the hand - stupro to profane) - see Onanizm.
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Lenegra illness

(J. Lenegre, -, frants. The ardiologist sin.: blokade idiopatiheskaja hroni, illness of spending system of heart isolated) - illness not lear etiologii, desribed dystrophi and slerous hanges of spending system of heart at absene of defeat of other part of a myoardium and oronal arteries: it is shown by infringements predserdno- and vnutrizheludohkovoj ondutivity.
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The symptom of visible ideas

-the involuntary ourrene of any idea aompanied by ourrene of the orresponding{meeting} vision it is observed at ideatornom automatism.
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Dzhanelidze amputation

(J.J.Dzhanelidze, -, owls, the surgeon) - -plasti amputation of a hip with formation -shaped basi kulti by formation of a bone thorn and nasazhivanija on it perpendiularly loated free autotransplantata from a deleted part vedrennoj bones.
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(re-+ alimatization) - the repeated adaptation to earlier habitual onditions after time stay in another klimatogeografiheskoj to a zone.
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(an armour. adjuvans, adjuvantis helping, promoting) - ) the substane raising immunogennost of an antigene the some people are used at manufaturing vainal preparations (hydrate okisi aluminium, et.) ) the substane strengthening or prolonging ation of medial produts.
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Imagination pathologial

-propensity mentally sik or the psyhopath to the omposition of improbable histories in whih it{he} trusts.
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(ventriulomastoidostomia ventrikulo-+ anat. proessus mastoideus sostsevidnyj a shoot + greh. stoma an aperture) - surgial operation of assignment tserebrospinalnoj liquids from lateral zheludohka in ells sostsevidnogo a shoot of a temporal bone with the purpose of treatment okkljuzionnoj a hydroephaly.
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