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(istor. gemo-+ greh. dromos run + grapho to write, represent) - one of the first devies for measurement by bloody way of speed of movement of blood in arteries.
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Nilsen a ongenital dystrophy

(Nielsen, sovr. The Danish dotor sip. dystrophia breviollis ongenita) - a ombination of plural anomalies of development of a bakbone, restrition of mobility of its ervial part to high standing lopatok and bohkoobraznoj a thorax.
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-appliation with the medial purpose nagretogo ozokerite in the form of appliations on a surfae of a leather and the tampons entered into avities of a body.
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(an armour. prostratio) - a sharp deline of a mental tone in a ombination to the speeh and impellent blok, the expressed derease (or absene) reations on external razdrazhiteli.
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Reation of opposition pathologial

-ourrene in hildren and teenagers of deviations in the behaviour, having harater of opposition to behaviour of surrounding persons (parents, teahers, et.).
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Zautera kanjulja

-thin, uploshhennaja on the end, izognutaja kanjulja, put on a syringe and intended for introdution of air in the forward hamber of an eye with the purpose of restoration of its avity after surgial operation.
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(diaphysitis diafiz +-) - an inflammation diafiza, desribed its thikening and deformation.
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(melatoninum melan-+ greh. tonos a pressure, effort) - see the Hormone melanotsitostimulirujushhy.
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(pneumooniosis pnevmo-+ greh. konia a dust +-) - the general name of professional illnesses of bodies of the breath aused by influene of an industrial dust and slerous hanges desribed by development pulmonary
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(psiho-+ greh. metreo to measure) - set of methods of a quantitative estimation of the mental phenomena based on appliation of sales of value judgment with the subsequent mathematial proessing of results.
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Jaihnikovaja a pole

(fossa ovaria, PNA) - a deepening parietalnoj brjushiny on a lateral wall of a small basin behind of wide matohnoj a sheaf in whih it is loated jaihnik.
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(bateriophobia a baterium + a phobia sin. batsillofobija) - persuasive fear - fear of infetion with mirobes.
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Ye texture

(plexus ophthalmius, BNA) - see the List anat. Terms.
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(greh. sternon a breast, a thorax, a brest) - the omponent of omplex{diffiult} words meaning onerning a brest .
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Lejdiga a ell

(F. Leydig) - see Glandulotsit jaihka.
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Logan shtiftovoj a tooth

(F. Logan) - a porelain tooth with a pin for fastening in the hannel of a root it is applied to replaement destroyed natural koronki at well kept root.
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(sequestrotomia the sequester + greh. tome a ut{setion}, a setion) - surgial operation: opening sekvestralnoj apsules with the purpose of removal{distane} of the sequester.
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Fragility of hair - see

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(distratio an armour. xtension, anellation) - the fored one-stage or slow gradual strething of the amazed site of finiteness with the medial purpose.
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Myoma malignant

(myoma malignum) - see Miosarkoma.
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(phaeohromoblastoma feohromoblast +-ohms) - see Feohromotsitoma.
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