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(pseudotabes psevdo-+ tabes) - a syndrome linially similar with tabes dorsalis, but aused by not syphiliti defeat of nervous system.
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(tsisto-+ anat. prostata predstatelnaja iron + greh. grapho to write, represent) - rentgenografija predstatelnoj zhelezy, made together with tsistografiej.
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-) in biology (sin. Generation) - group of individuals in a population, onsisting to the same extent relationship in relation to the general anestors, t. e. Individuals representing diret posterity previous ) in a demography - set of the people who have born in same alendar year.
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Salt balane

-a parity{ratio} of quantity{amount} ating in an organism and the mineral substanes alloated by it{him}, providing preservation of their onstant level in fabris and internal environments of an organism.
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(angiosaroma angio-+ a ssaroma sin.: angioblastoma, a ssaroma angioplastiheskaja) - the general name of the malignant tumours developing from elements of a wall of blood or lymphati vessels.
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Nonne - apelta reation

(Nonne, -, it. The neuropathologist F. Apelt, - it. The neuropathologist) - a method of revealing globulinov in tserebrospinalnoj the liquids, based on its turbidity at mixing with the sated solution of sulfate of ammonium.
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Frontal bugor

(tuber frontale, PNA, BNA, JNA) - a pair eminene on an external surfae of sales of the frontal bone, orresponding the loation of kernels of ossifiation.
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Juinga diffuznaja endotelioma bones

(J. wing, -, amer. The pathologist) - see JUinga a tumour.
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Ladonnaja a branh

-) an elbow nerve (ramus palmaris, PNA ramus volaris manus, BNA, JNA) - see the List anat. Terms ) a median nerve (ramus palmaris, PNA, BNA, JNA) - see the List anat. Terms.
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The threefold answer

(sin. Threefold reation) - reation of a leather{skin} to introdution gistamina, expressed in formation{eduation} eritemy, then a bubble on a plae of introdution and giperemii, extending for its{his} limits.
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(uterus, PNA, BNA, JNA) - hollow musular body of the woman in whih there is a development impregnated jajtsekletki it is loated in a avity of a small basin.
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(glyogenosis glikogen +- sin. Illness glikogenovaja) - the general name of hereditary illnesses of the arbohydrate exhange, desribed superfluous aumulation glikogena in various bodies and fabris.
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-unit of a geneti ode representing group of three nitrogenous bases in a moleule of DNA or RNK, oding inlusion of the ertain amino aid in polipeptidnuju a iruit.
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Adsorption of a virus

The initial stage of a virus infetion onsisting an attahment of a virus to a surfae of a ell.
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Balzera a phenomenon

(F. Balzer, -, frants. dermatolog) - more intensive olouring spirit by a solution of iodine of sites of the leather amazed otrubevidnym it is deprived, in omparison with surrounding leather, beause of razryhlennosti a horn layer.
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Aragana teltsa

(Aragao, the Brazilian dotor of the end - the beginnings entury) - viriony, revealed in ontents vezikul sik of a hiken pox.
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Svensona- operation

(Swenson, a sort. In , amer. The surgeon R. Hiatt) - dvuhetapnaja surgial operation at illness Girshsprunga, onsisting in vnutribrjushinnoj mobilization sigmovidnoj and a diret gut (the first stage), evaginatsii the mobilized part through a diret gut and it{her} vnebrjushinnoj resetions, inluding aganglionarnuju a zone, with imposing anastomoza between the left parts sigmovidnoj and a diret gut.
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Pidemiologial inspetion

-a omplex method of studying of the epidemi enter, direted on an establishment of a soure of an infetion, fators and ways of its{her} distribution, and also borders of the epidemi enter with the purpose of definition of harater and volume of ations on its{his} liquidation.
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(barognosia baro-+ greh. gnosis ognition, knowledge) - ability to define weight of subjets and a differene in weight by means of sense organs.
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Karbolovaja an aid

(aidum arbolium) - see Phenol.
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(greh. phone a voie) - see Golosoobrazovanie.
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