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(framboesia frants. framboise a raspberry sin.: gangoza, granulema tropial, pian, a syphilis not venereal, a syphilis tropial, frambezija tropial) - tropial infetious disease from group spirohetozov, aused Treponema pertenue and desribed defeat of a leather{skin}, and also bones and joints internal bodies at are not amazed.
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Nejron entrane

-formal nejron, arrying out in onrete system nejronov (a neural network) funtion of an input, t. e. Pereiving signals only from external environment for the given system.
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Bugorok adaveri

(tuberulum adaverinum sin.: a wart adaveri, bugorok anatomists) - tuberular bugorok, arising on a leather of fingers of hands owing to introdution in it through fine traumas mikobaktery a tuberulosis an arise at pathologists and anatomists after opening orpses of the people hurted by a tuberulosis, or at the persons onneted with utting tush of animals, amazed by a tuberulosis.
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Keratom egera

(kerat-+ greh. tome a ut, a setion) - see the Knife kopevidnyj eye.
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Dementia tranzitornoe

(dementia transitoria) - the general{ommon} name sharply developing and substantially obratimyh the psyhopathologial onditions, desribed the general{ommon} easing and pauperization of mental ativity are observed at some organi defeats of a brain and intoxiations.
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(mikro-+ frants. saade a sharp push, spasmodi movement sin. Mirojumps) - fast movings of a look within the limits of from till angular minutes, arising at visual fixing objet.
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(anizo- greh. anisos unequal an-+ isos equal) - the omponent of omplex words meaning: absene of equality, harmony, symmetry .
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Sanitary protetion of borders

(ustar.) - see Sanitary protetion of territory.
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(a-+ an armour. sexualis sexual) - see Aseksualnost.
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Disk i

(disus I) - see the Isotropi disk.
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Disloation of an eye

(luxatio buibi ouli) - displaement of an eyeball from an eye-soket at whih it borrows position ahead a entury.
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The irradiation ultra-violet

-influene by ultra-violet radiation from speial irradiators: on a surfae of a leather or muous membranes of a body of the person with the medial or preventive purpose, ) on a surfae of premises and subjets with the purpose of their disinfeting,) on various objets at laboratory fluoresent researh.
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Multivezikuljarnoe teltse

(orpus multivesiulare multi-+ an armour. vesiula puzyrek sin. A multibubbly body) - ellular organoid in the form of vakuoli in the size ,-, mirons, ontaining set fine smooth-bore puzyrkov is to derivatives lizosomy partiipates in oxidizing proesses.
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Shteltsnera ongenital akroangionevroz

(W. Stolzner, a sort. In , it{him}. The pediatrist) - see Akroeritroz.
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Nterotsit beskaemhatyj

(enteroytus alimbatus, LNH sin. A ell{age} beskaemhataja) - malodifferentsirovannaja a ell{age} epitelija intestinal kript (gl. obr. At their basis), deprived borders and possessing high mitotiheskoj ativity.
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Kulikova a head

(ustar.) - see Seed holmik.
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(meningoradiuloele meningo-+ an armour. radiula koreshok + greh. kele vybuhanie, a hernia) - the spinal hernia, whih hernial bag ontains tserebrospinalnuju a liquid and koreshki spinal nerves.
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Protivosudorozhnye means

(antionvulsiva sin. Antionvulsive means) - the medial produts applied to knoking over of spasmes of a various origin (napr., at a tetanus, eklampsii, poisonings) earlier the term designated mainly protivoepileptiheskie means.
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In radiodiagnosis - see Contrast shadow.
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Zavorot guts

(volvulus) - perekruhivanie loops of a gut around of an axis bryzhejki with infringement of their blood supply and passableness one of kinds stranguljatsionnoj impassability of intestines.
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(myoglobinuria mioglobin + greh. uron urine) - presene in urine mioglobina are observed at pathologial disintegration of musular fiber.
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