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Тур в оаэ понравится Вашим детям так как по количеству развлечений Дубай не хуже Диснейленда.

Hondromatoz bones

[hondromatosis ossium hondroma (a basis hondromat-) +- sin.: dishondroplazija, Olle bolezn] - the ongenital illness, desribed infringement of proesses of growth and development of a bone fabri it is shown by a growth inhibition of finitenesses, and also development plural enhondrom in long tubular bones.
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Heerfordta a syndrome

(Ch. F. Heerfordt, -, the Danish ophthalmologist) - see Uveoparotit.
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(Adenoviridae adeno-+ viruses sin. Viruses adenoido-- - ustar.) - family of viruses pozvonohnyh, viriony whih have the form ikosaedra and ontain dvunithatuju DNA about a pier. In weight (weight) - dalton ativators of the big group of illnesses of the person, napr. Pneumonias, konjunktivita, gastroenterokolita the some people in experiment possess onkogennoj ativity.
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Ilinoj- shtiftovoj a tooth

(. Century of Ilyin-, a sort. In , owls. The stomatologist) - shtiftovoj a tooth with vkladkoj the ubi form had in speially prepared avity around of a mouth of the root hannel.
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Davis redressatsija a bakbone

(G. G. Davis, -, amer. The surgeon) - onservative reeption is straightened ija a forward department flattened nizhnegrudnyh and verhnepojasnihnyh pozvonkov by a raising for legs of the bottom part of a trunk of the patient laying on a stomah on rigid
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(hromat-+ greh. eidos a kind) - one of two longitudinal strutural and the funtional units of a hromosome formed at reduplikatsii during ellular division.
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(elektro-+ stimulation) - irritation of body or a fabri impulses of an eletri urrent with the diagnosti, medial or researh purpose.
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Mental dissotsiatsija

(dissoiatio psyhia) - infringement of internal ommuniation, sequene and a oordination of mental proesses.
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Kongljutinatsija matohnogo a pharynx

(onglutinatio ostii uteri) - narrowing and losing shejki a uterus, aused by inflammatory proess or damage epitelija.
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The nutritious mix

-the onentrated mix of foodstuff subjeted speial proessing for improvement of its omprehensibility.
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The network jaihka

[rete testis, PNA, JNA rete testis (Halleri), BNA] - set of the tubular formations{eduations} interwining and informed among themselves loated in sredostenii jaihka in I. Straight lines seed kanaltsy, from I open. Depart bearing{taking out} kanaltsy jaihka.
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Mediinal waters

(aquae mediatae, aquae pharmaeutiae sin. Medial waters) - the general name of some liquid mediinal forms, gl. obr. Solutions of mediinal substanes, napr. Almond water.
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(eremophobia greh. eremos deserted + a phobia) - persuasive fear - fear of deserted plaes or loneliness.
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(injetio) - see the Injetion.
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Ljuera a lip

(Luer, it. The master on manufaturing tools entury) - a surgial lip with kremaleroj, intended for keeping and prorastination signifiant on thikness of sites of fabris (napr., lungs) without them travmatizatsii, differing that at fixation of a lip the ends of working sponges do not adjoin.
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[nduktotermija + (elektro) to odds] - see elektroforezinduktotermija.
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-manual kompressionnyj a sprayer intended for disinfetion (dezinsektsii) furniture, fine stok and the equipment, and also small premises.
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Klethatka okolomatohnaja

(parametrium) - see Parametry.
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(periadnexitis peri-+ anat. adnexa appendages +-) - an inflammation brjushiny, a uterus overing appendages.
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(embryoytoma an embryo + gist. ytus a ell{age} +-ohms) - see Teratoma.
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(bio-+ the atalyst) - see enzyme.
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