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The psyhophysial law

(sin.: Vebera - Fehnera the law, Fehnera the law) - the law establishing ommuniation between fore of irritation of any sense organ and intensity of sensation: at average values of intensity razdrazhitelja intensity of sensation is diretly proportional to the natural logarithm of fore razdrazhitelja.
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(Myxobateriales, Ber mikso-+ bateria) - the order of bateria uniting veretenoobraznye mobile stiks, as a rule, ontaining kernel, in old ultures aepting kokkovidnuju the form for the person and warm-blooded animals not patogenny.
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Quarantine house

(istor.) - the house designated by the warning insription where in entury ontained sik of a smallpox.
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Bykova- a method

(To. M. of Bulls, -, owls. The physiologist I.T.Kurtsin, owls. The physiologist) - a way of researh sekretornoj and motor funtion of a stomah by means of a double probe, on the end of one of trubok whih is fixed the rubber ylinder informed with a water manometer and pishikom (for reord mehanogastrogrammy), and another represents a thin gastri probe.
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Ballistokardiografihesky an index

The attitude of the minimal amplitude of one of piees sistoliheskogo a omplex ballistokardiogrammy (I-J or J-) to the maximal amplitude of this piee at the same investigated norm it is equal ,-,, at infringement sokratimosti a myoardium dereases up to ,.
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(galatoele galokto-+ greh. kele vybuhanie, a swelling sin. kista dairy) - retentsionnaja kista a mammary gland, aused by orking of lateal hannels during a latation, less often - a preeded mastitis.
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Arnolda - kiari a syndrome

(J. Arnold, -, it. The pathologist Chiari, -, the Austrian pathologist) - a ombination ataksii, nistagma, paralyses of ranial nerves and epileptiformnyh the spasmes, aused by ongenital displaement of a brain in kaudalnom a diretion with its infringement in the big oipital aperture.
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(greh. hypurgia medial assistane) - see Leaving.
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Sharko-- illness

(J. Charot, -, frants. The neuropathologist P. Marie, -, frants. The neuropathologist. Tooth, -, nglish the neuropathologist) - see Amiotrofija hereditary nevralnaja.
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Libermejstera the law

(Liebermeister, -, it. The dotor sin. Libermejstera a rule) - the law onneting sizes of rise in temperature of a body and inrease of pulse at in a fever patients: rise in temperature on leads to inrease of pulse on the average on impats in minutes
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Nadhrevnaja a branh

(ramus epigastrius) - see the List anat. Terms.
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(helminthozoonosis gelminty + zoonoz) - gelmintoz whih ativator in the same stages of development parasitizes at the person and at animals.
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Arnolda a bunh

(F. Arnold) - see the -roadway a way.
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(abortus, an armour. sin. An abortion) - interruption of pregnany in the first weeks when the fruit is still impratial.
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The cirrhosis

(irrhosis greh. kirrhos itreous +-) - growth of a fibrous fabri in parenhimatoznom the body, aompanied reorganization of its{his} struture and smorshhivaniem.
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Reation blastotransformatsii limfotsitov

-) a method of diagnostis of a speifi sensitization of the organism, based on definition of intensity blastotransformatsii limfotsitov after addition to their suspension of investigated allergen ) a method of an estimation of a ondition of the ellular immunity, based on definition of intensity blastotransformatsii limfotsitov after addition to their suspension of antigenes or nonspeifi stimulators.
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(psevdo-+ allelomorfy) - see psevdoalleli.
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Reation of a deviation komplementa

(ustar.) - see Reation of linkage komplementa.
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Sulemovaja test

(sin.: Grinstedta test, -sedimentary reation) - the updating of reation takata- onsisting definition of a minimum quantity of , % of a solution of hloride of merury, whih is neessary for adding to a mix of investigated{researhed} whey of blood with izotoniheskim a solution of hloride of sodium ( ) that there was its{her} proof turbidity a version koaguljatsionnyh tests.
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Poppy- operation

(Ch. MBurney, -, amer. The surgeon) - surgial operation: extration konkrementov from pehenohno- ampoules by duodenotomii and setions of an ampoule.
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Sanitary preparation of armies

(istor.) - see Military-medial preparation.
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