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The urethral loop a nursery

-the tool for removal{distane} of stones from a peripheral part moheispuskatelnogo the hannel at hildren, onsisting of two metal loops loated on the ends of the nikelized brass handle and involved in it{her}.
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Bisha a fatty body

(F. Bihat, -, frants. The dotor) - see the Fatty body of a heek.
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Peak a pseudo-irrhosis of a liver

(F. Pik, -, the Czeh dotor sin.: Peak a syndrome, Peak a irrhosis of a liver, a pseudo-irrhosis of a liver perikarditihesky, a irrhosis of a liver perikarditihesky false) - the -morphologial syndrome, desribed a portal hypertensia, expansion of hepati veins, astsitom, moderated fibrozom a liver it is observed at konstriktivnom perikardite with sdavleniem a mouth of the bottom hollow vein.
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(pleuralgia a pleura + greh. algos a pain sin. plevrodinija) - a pain in the field of a breast, aused by pathologial irritation of the nervous terminations in a pleura.
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(ustar. Aerobater) - the general name of group of the miroorganisms united gramotritsatelnye stiks, well growing on usual nutrient mediums, inluding some kinds alloated from intestines of animals and the person, otnosimye nowadays to sort nterobater (aerogenes and loaae).
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(nglish ross to ross + greh. kylindros the ylinder, the platen) - see Crossed ylinders.
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Delorma operation

(Delorme, -, frants. The surgeon) - see Sklifosovskogo - Ren - Delorma - Bira operation.
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Dzhennarievy strips

(F. Gennari, -, ital. The anatomist) - makroskopiheski razlihimye the bunhes of visual radiane loated in an oipital share of the big brain.
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(parieto-+ greh. grapho to write, represent) - radiologial researh stenok hollow body after introdution of gas in its avity and in surrounding fabris it is applied gl. obr. At diagnostis of tumours.
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The pole of a bilious bubble

(fossa vesiae felleae, PNA, BNA, JNA) - an oval deepening on vistseralnoj surfaes of a liver in whih the bilious bubble is loated.
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Girke - virhova teltsa

(.. Gierke, -, it. The anatomist R. L. Virhow, -, it. The pathologist) - nejrony, loated in jellylike substane of a spinal ord.
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(inhalatio an armour. inhalo, inhalatum to inhale) - ) hit in bodies of respiratory system of any gaseous substanes or aerosols with a urrent of inhaled air ) a method of introdution in an organism of medial produts or biologially ative substanes in the treatment-and-prophylati purposes, based on proess
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(faringo-+ greh. skopeo to onsider{examine}, observe) - survey drinks with the diagnosti purpose.
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(toxasarosis) - gelmintoz animal (more often dogs), aused Toxasaris leonina single instanes of disease of the person are desribed.
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(tsito-+ greh. metreo to measure, define{determine}) - set of methods of definition of quantity{amount} of ells{ages}, measurements of volume of ells{ages} and their kernels.
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(poro- greh. poros the aperture, pass, is time) - the omponent of omplex words meaning: aperture, pass, is time, porosity.
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The syndrome perineoanalnyj

(syndromum perineoanale) - a ombination be ill{sik} in the field of promezhnosti, amplifying at moheispuskanii and defekatsii, with peripheral parezom legs{foots} and frustration of funtions tazovyh bodies it is observed at traumas of the bottom part konskogo a tail of a spinal ord.
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Saljus- iii

(R. Salus, R. Gunn) - an extreme degree of expressiveness of symptom saljusa-, at whih the vein in a plae perekresta with an artery beomes invisible (as though broken off), owing to its{her} displaement in depth of a retina.
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Gabastu - mojona a way

(J. A. Gabastou, a sort. In , the Argentina gyneologist Mojon, a sort. In , ital. The gyneologist) - see Gabastu a way.
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(rhabdomyosaroma rabdomio-+ a ssaroma sin.: rabdomioblastoma, rabdomioma malignant) - the malignant tumour whih is starting with poperehnopolosatoj a musular fabri.
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The trauma

(greh. trauma a wound, a physial injury sin. Damage) - infringement of an integrity and funtions of fabris (body) as a result of external influene.
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