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(raniotabes kranio-+ an armour. tabes destrution, an exhaustion) - a softening and istonhenie flat bones of a skull in the field of big and small rodnihkov, above sostsevidnym a shoot and on a ourse of ranial seams a symptom of a rikets at sharp urrent.
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(androsteroma androsteron +-ohms sin. adrenosteroma) - a -ative tumour of a bark of the adrenal glands, produing mans sexual hormones.
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(itrullinuria tsitrullin + greh. uron urine) - the hereditary illness aused by infringement of an exhange tsitrullina it is haraterized by a delay of mental development, infringement of formation of a bone skeleton, gepatomegaliej, gipotireozom, an atrophy of a brain it is inherited on retsessivnomu to type.
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(osteoidum osteo-+ greh.-eides similar sin. A fabri osteoidnaja) - a bone fabri at the stage of formation previous a mineralization of its interellular substane.
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Tonzilljarnaja a nihe

-spae in the field of a lateral wall the drinks, limited in front and behind nebnymi handles the loation nebnoj mindaliny.
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Langenbeka artrotomija

(R. Langenbek, -, it. The surgeon) - ) artrotomija tazobedrennogo a joint a ut of soft fabris from bak top podvzdoshnoj osti to the big spit and the -shaped ut of an artiulate apsule ) artrotomija luhezapjastnogo a joint a longitudinal setion of soft fabris on a -beam surfae of a forearm from distalnogo epifiza a beam bone up to the middle II pjastnoj bones ) artrotomija an elbow joint a longitudinal setion of soft fabris on a bak surfae of a joint from distalnoj thirds of shoulder up to proksimalnoj thirds of forearm with ross-setion rossing an elbow shoot and utting off internal nadmyshhelka a humeral bone.
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Retinit proliferirujushhy

(retinitis proliferans) - see Ilza illness.
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(ustar. greh. anoia reklessness, nonsense) - see Dementia.
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Prorezyvanie heads of a fruit

-a stage of the period of exile in sorts during whih the prelaying head of a fruit is visible in a gaping sexual rak both during an attempt, and during a pause.
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(ovo-+ greh. gone generation, posterity sin. oogonii) - ells sexual epitelija jaihnika, being predeessors jajtsekletok possess diploidnym a set of hromosomes.
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(neo-+ frejdizm) - the general name of modern shools of the psyhoanalysis, trying to rethink Freuds onept, using ahievements of soiology, ethnography or linguistis.
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Head of a sexual member

(glans penis, PNA, BNA, JNA) - konusovidnoe a thikening with the rounded off top on distalnom the end of a sexual member.
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Genzena ells

(V. Hensen, -, it. The physiologist and the anatomist) - see Cells boundary external.
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(komissura + greh. tome a setion) - the surgial tool for a setion, break or strethings of solderings between shutters of valves of heart.
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(hysteretomia gistero-+ ektomija) - see ekstirpatsija a uterus.
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Modelja environment

(. M. Model, -, owls. The mirobiologist) - a liquid syntheti nutrient medium for ultivation mikobaktery a tuberulosis, ontaining as the basi omponents oksalat ammonium and glyerin.
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(utiula diminutive from an armour. utis a leather) - ) dense formation on a surfae of the some people epitelialnyh the ells, onsisting of a seret of these ells ) system of mirofibers on a free surfae of ells intestinal epitelija ) the unstrutured environment overing outside a body kishehnopolostnyh, worms, arthropods, molluss and overing their internal bodies ektodermalnogo origins.
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Bremzera the formula

(istor. Ph. Broemser, -, it. The physiologist sin. Bremzera - Ranke the formula) - the formula of alulation of minute volume of blood on diameter of an aorta, speed of distribution pulsovoj waves, duration of a systole and size of arterial pressure.
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Shambo operation

(G. Shambaugh, a sort. In , amer. otorinolaringolog) - surgial operation at otoskleroze, onsisting opening nadbarabannogo deepenings and a forward part sostsevidnoj aves, removal{distane} of an anvil and a head molotohka then in lateralnom polukruzhnom the hannel form a new oval window.
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The syndrome of a thrombosis bak bottom mozzhehkovoj arteries

(syndromum thrombosis arteriae erebelli inferioris posterioris) - see vallenberga- a syndrome.
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(Myriapoda) - the lass of type of the arthropods, uniting animals, whih body onsists of a head and the big number of similar segments on a struture, bearing hlenistye legs inludes poisonous for the person tropial kivsjakov and skolopendr.
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