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Stress emotional

-the stress whih has developed as a result of emotional exitation.
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The syndrome diafragmalnogo a nerve

(syndromum nervi phrenii) - parez (a paralysis) the diaphragms, shown easing kashlevogo a push, and also high standing and an immovability of a diaphragm that omes to light at radiologial researh, paradoxial type of respiratory movements of a belly wall (zapadenie podlozhehnoj areas at a breath and it{her} vypjahivanie at an exhalation) it is observed at defeat diafragmalnogo a nerve, forward horns and forward koreshkov III - IV ervial segments of a spinal ord.
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Arterial trunk the general

(trunus arteriosus ommunis sin. An arterial trunk true) - anomaly of development: the general vessel (instead of an aorta and a pulmonary trunk) in whih blood from both zheludohkov hearts ats it is arried to ongenital heart diseases.
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(angio-+ an armour. erebrum a brain + greh. grapho to write, represent) - radiologial researh of vessels of a brain after them kontrastirovanija-
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(lasmatodendrosis greh. klasma, klasmatos a fragment, a fragment, break + dendron a tree +-) - disintegration tsitoplazmatiheskih shoots astrotsita at it destruktsii.
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(nglish doping, from dope to give drugs) - the substane temporarily strengthening physial both mental ativity of an organism and forbidden for appliation by sportsmen during ompetitions.
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(trihatrophia trih-+ an atrophy) - the ongenital or got atrophy of hair.
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Respiratory disease sharp

(ORZ sin. Qatar respiratory ways sharp) - the general{ommon} name of some linially similar sharp infetious diseases aused mainly by viruses (adenovirusami, reovirusami, enterovirusami, et.), transferred{transmitted} air-drop by are registered{reorded} in the form of sporadi ases and epidemi flashes are haraterized by an inflammation of a muous membrane of respiratory ways, napr. In the form of rinofaringita, laringotraheita, less often konjunktivitom or keratokonjunktivitom at the moderate phenomena of an intoxiation the term is used only up to an establishment etiologiheskogo the diagnosis by laboratory methods.
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Mediosanitary platoon

(istor. MSV) - medial division of parts and onnetions of some speial arms of the servie (tank, artillery, et.) the Soviet Army of the period of the Great Domesti war, rendering had by the problem by the wounded man and patients of the first medial and qualified medial aid.
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The slerosis interglobuljarnyj symmetri

(slerosis interglobularis symmetria) - see SHildera illness.
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(retronasalis retro-+ an armour. nasus a nose) - onerning to nosovoj parts drinks.
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Fellingova a liquid

(I. A. Folling) - see Fellinga a reatant.
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(enteroprotostomia entero-+ greh. proktos bak pass + stoma an aperture) - surgial operation: imposing anastomoza between a thin and diret gut.
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Law toksikodinamiki the basi

-a rule aording to whih exiting ation of substane on some funtion of an organism passes in oppressing at suffiient inrease in quantity of substane pli durations of its influene with other things being equal.
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-biologially ative substane from group biogeni aminov ontains in all fabris, mainly digestive path and the entral nervous system, and also in trombotsitah plays a role mediatora in the some people sinapsah and in development of some allergi reations.
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(gemo-+ greh. skopeo to onsider) - see ritrogemometr.
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The aggravation

(exaerbatio sin. ekzatserbatsija) - a stage of urrent of the hroni illness, desribed strengthening of available symptoms or ourrene new.
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The symptom of visible ideas

-the involuntary ourrene of any idea aompanied by ourrene of the orresponding{meeting} vision it is observed at ideatornom automatism.
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(periystitis peri-+ greh. kystis a bubble +-) - an inflammation of the fabris surrounding bilious or a bladder.
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Sostsevidnye ells

(ellulae mastoideae, PNA, BNA, JNA) - numerous small avities in thikness sostsevidnogo a shoot of the temporal bone, informed among themselves and with sostsevidnoj a ave.
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Podslizistaja a basis

(tela submuosa, LNH) - the layer of a friable onneting fabri loated between muous and musular environments of bodies of a digestive path.
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