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Вернувшись из эмиратов, Вы захотите посетить их еще раз, в этом помогут горящие путевки оаэ.


(lieno-+ greh. grapho to write, represent) - seletive angiografija selezenohnoj arteries.
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(greh. hygieinos bringing health, urative Hygieia the goddess of health at anient Greeks) - the medial siene studying influene of fators of an environment on health of the person, its working apaity and the life expetany developing speifiations, requirements and the sanitary ations direted on improvement of oupied plaes, onditions of a life and ativity of people.
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(halluinogena halluinations + greh.-genes generating) - see Psihodisleptiheskie substanes.
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Atsidofilnyj an index

A parameter kolpotsitogrammy: perentage in vlagalishhnom mazke atsidofilnyh ells with vezikuljarnym, prepiknotiheskim and piknotiheskim kernels.
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The syndrome perekresta opti nerves

(syndromum hiasmatis optii) - see the Syndrome hiazmy.
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(meningo- anat. meninges brain environments, from greh. meninx, meningos an environment, a brain environment) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning to brain environments .
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Filatova fabri therapy

(Century of Item Filatov, -, owls. The ophthalmologist) - see Therapy fabri.
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The telereeptor

(tele-+ a reeptor) - see the Reeptor distantnyj.
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(fumigatio an armour. okurivanie) in mediine - ) influene by a dry smoke on ranevye and uler surfaes with the medial purpose ) see Okurivanie.
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(sin. About-) - two-nulear phenol, whih derivatives synthesized in ells of a brain layer of adrenal glands from tirozina, are physiologially ative onnetions, napr. dofamin, noradrenalin, adrenaline.
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The cross-setion tubule

(tubulus transversus, LNH sin. -system) - a site sarkolemmy, invaginirovavshy deep into a musular fibre it is perpendiular to its longitudinal axis partiipates in arry of exitation from a surfae deep into a musular fibre.
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(inguinion an armour. inguen, inguinis a groin sin. pahovaja a point) - an anthopometrial point in pahovoj the areas, being on the middle of distane between a point simfizion and a -awned point.
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(ystooloplastia tsisto-+ greh. kolon a thik gut + plasti) - surgial operation: reation of an artifiial bladder from the isolated loop of a thik gut.
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(hyperapnia: giper-+ greh. kapnos a smoke) - the raised maintenane of dioxide of arbon in blood and (or) other fabris.
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(Streptothrix strepto-+ greh. thrix hair) - the sort of miroorganisms inluded before some people aktinomitsetov, inluding ativators nokardioza the person, nowadays arried to sorts Streptomyes, Atinomyes, Noardia.
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(mirothrom boytus: mikro-+ trombotsit) - trombotsit very small sizes: it is found out at defeats of urtailing system of blood.
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(endotenonium endo-+ greh. tenon a sinew) - - see ndotendiny.
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Vodaka a reflex

(Wodak, sovr. It. otorinolaringolog) - a physiologial reflex: expansion of a pupil at irritation of the vestibular devie.
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Bear paw

-omplex deformation the stops, desribed a fanlike divergene pljusnevyh bones, ploskostopiem and a deviation distalnogo a department stops knaruzhi.
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Prostatopatija disgormonalnaja hyperplasti

(prostatopathia dyshormonalis hyperplastia prostata + greh. pathos suffering, illness) - see the Adenoma predstatelnoj zhelezy.
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Perenashivanie pregnany

-exess of normal term of pregnany on two weeks and more.
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