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Ganta osteotomija

(F. J. Gant, -, nglish the surgeon) - podvertelnaja osteotomija a hip for orretion of its position, onsisting a setion of a femur under a small spit on two third of diameter, a break of the remained bone bridge and giving of finiteness of the orret position fixed by a plaster bandage.
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Card left a hospital

-the registration statistial doument filled by the dotor of a hospital on eah left or died patient serves for drawing up of the statistial report, and also for the analysis of the hospitalized desease and quality of hospitalization.
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Djupre mifomanija

(Dupre) - propensity to lie with prevalene of stories about own unusual adventures with assignment of merits, titles, ranks, et., and in onsiousness of the subjet is erased a side between the real fats and fition on Djupre - konstitutsionalnaja a speifi feature.
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(synovetomia anat. membrana synovialis sinovialnaja an environment + ektomija) - surgial operation: issehenie sinovialnoj environments of a joint, napr. At its{his} tuberular defeat.
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Anamnestiheskaja reation

The immune answer of an organism to repeated introdution of the antigene, desribed muh higher redit of antibodies and shorter terms of their ourrene in omparison with primary introdution of an antigene r. Can testify to earlier transferred infetious disease.
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-nukleozid, onsisting from guanina and ribozy is a part nukleotidov and nuleini aids.
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Zone of surplus of an antigene

-a range of quantitative parities of antigenes and antibodies in reations pretsipitatsii and linkages komplementa at whih relative surplus of antigenes is observed it is haraterized by formation of the omplexes not besieged ompletely in the form of pretsipitata and possessing low komplementsvjazyvajushhej ativity.
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The trumpet platen

(torus tubarius, PNA, BNA, JNA) - an eminene in nosovoj parts drinks, in whih the artilage aoustial (evstahievoj) pipes is loated.
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(greh. astron, an armour. astrum a star) - the omponent of omplex words orresponding on sense words star, zvezdhatyj.
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(oainismus sin.: kokainomanija, a narotism kokainovaja) - a narotism at whih as a subjet of prediletion oaine serves.
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The phase of the maximal exile

-the period during whih exile of blood from zheludohkov hearts ours{happens} to the maximal speed ostsillografiheski it is defined{determined} from the moment of ourrene of a wave of pressure in an aorta or the main arteries loated nearby from it{her} (napr., right the general{ommon} sleepy) till the moment of transition of abrupt reession of this wave in flat.
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Kolin - kaplana a syndrome

(Colinet A. Caplan, sovr. nglish the dotor) - see Kaplan illness.
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(nrk aneutrophilosis a-+ nejtrofil +-) - see Agranulotsitoz.
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(in-+ tsista) - transformation of vegetative forms of the elementary in tsisty, providing a survival under adverse onditions of an environment.
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(ryotherapia krio-+ therapy) - the general name of methods of the treatment based on appliation of low temperatures for ooling of fabris, bodies or all organism.
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(an armour. externus external, external) - see eksteriorizatsija.
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Duodenalnye branhes

Top pankreatoduodenalnoj arteries (rami duodenales, PNA, BNA, JNA) - see the List anat. Terms.
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Killiana indiret laringoskopija

(G. Killian, -, it. otorinolaringolog) - the method indiret laringoskopii at whih investigated osts, having inlined a head forward and from top to bottom, and investigating sits (or is kneeling) it is applied to survey of a bak wall of a throat.
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Ryzhiha a method

(and. N.Ryzhih, -, owls. The surgeon) - a method of operative treatment hroni paraproktita, at whih after opening and drenirovanija an absess issekajut its{his} internal aperture through a diret gut.
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Guntera a syndrome

(Hunter, nglish the dotor entury) - see Mukopolisaharidoz II type.
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(it{him}. inguss injetion) - the adaptation in the form of the metal form for reeption of the gold disks used at manufaturing artifiial dental koronok.
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