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эндотелон купить

The syndrome snopodobnoj oglushennosti - see

The Syndrome onejroidnyj.
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(istor. an armour. variola a smallpox) - a method of ative immunization against a natural smallpox introdution ontained ospennyh puzyrkov the sik person it was applied before ourrene of method Dzhennera.
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Dermatit bulleznyj

(dermatitis bullosa) - dermatit, desribed formation on eritematoznom a bakground of the bubbles whih are drying up in korki with the subsequent peeling.
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(it. passieren to pass , make a passage) - ) kultivirovanie a virus in ulture of a fabri or on animals onseutive arry virussoderzhashhego a material it is used for seletion of variants of a virus, inluding vainal shtammov ) see Transplantation of a tumour.
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Borozda a spinal nerve

[sulus nervi spinalis, PNA, JNA sulus nervi spinalis (vertebrae), BNA] - a deepening on the top surfae of a ross-setion shoot ervial pozvonka (sine the third) a plae of passage of a orresponding spinal nerve.
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The syndrome of a thrombosis bak bottom mozzhehkovoj arteries

(syndromum thrombosis arteriae erebelli inferioris posterioris) - see vallenberga- a syndrome.
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(lipogranuloma lipo-+ granulema sin.: granulema lipoidnaja, granulema liponekrotiheskaja, granulema lipofagnaja, steatogranulema) - the enter of the hroni inflammation, desribed presene in infiltrate fine kist, vystlannyh the large ells ontaining fat, and also huge multinulear ells.
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(eisoptrophobia greh. eisoptron a mirror + a phobia sin. spektrofobija) - persuasive fear - fear of mirrors.
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(ustar. oligomania oligo-+ mania) - a psyhosis proeeding with a small number of positive mental symptoms (delirium, halluinations, et.).
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Vejnberga - goja environment

(M. of Century Vejnberg, -, the mirobiologist Goy) - the updating of nutrient medium Vejnberga intended for reeption botuliniheskogo of toxin.
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(ganglioneuritis gangly + greh. neuron a nerve +-) - an inflammation ganglija with nervous fibres onerning them.
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Uderzhivatel kaudalnyj

(retinaulum audale, PNA) - see the List anat. Terms.
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(infundibuletomia an armour. infundibulum voronka + ektomija) - the general name of the surgial operations direted on elimination of a musular stenosis of target departments zheludohkov of heart.
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Polenov operation

(A.L.Polenov, -, owls. The surgeon) - surgial operation: ushivanie a forward wall antralnogo a department of the expanded stomah in a ross-setion diretion in a ombination with gastropeksiej or gastroenterostomiej distribution has not reeived.
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Rekombinatsija hromosomes

-an exhange of sites gomologihnyh the hromosomes, leading ourrene of hromosomes with a new ombination of genes.
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The osillograph

(ostsillo-+ greh. grapho to write, represent) - the general name of devies for supervision and registration of osillatory proesses are widely applied in iatrotehnis.
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Baron trahiskopija

(J. Baron) - see Trahiskopija.
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Standardization anthropologial

-a diretion in the anthropology, a onstitution of the person developing dimensional typology aording to anthopometry and studying{investigating} perentage distribution of types of a onstitution in various groups of the population.
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(reimplantatio re-+ implantation sin. neoimplantatsija) - surgial operation: replaement implantata, beome unfit for use.
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(hypothalamotomia gipotalamus + greh. tome a ut, a setion) - surgial operation of destrution of separate kernels gipotalamusa it is arried out stereotaksiheskim by a method.
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(syringoadenoma siringo-+ an adenoma sin.: nevus siringotsistadenomatoznyj, nevus ekkrinnyj, siringotsistadenoma, siringotsistadenoma neviformnaja, siringotsistoma) - an adenoma vyvodnogo a hannel potovoj zhelezy it is loalized on volosistoj parts of a head.
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