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(aatamathesia a-+ greh. katamathesis full knowledge) - mental frustration: full misunderstanding of speeh of the interloutor.
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(agonadismus a-+ gonady) - absene sexual zhelez.
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Krasnojaderno- a way

(tratus rubrothalamius, JNA sin. krasnejaderno- a way) - an asending projetive nervous way ekstrapiramidnoj the systems, beginning in a red kernel and oming to an end in perednelateralnom poison re talam a moustahe.
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Bulira environment

(J. Bulir, the Czeh dotor) - the liquid -diagnosti nutrient medium intended for detetion of an intestinal stik in water and definition if-redit onsists from mjasopeptonnogo a broth, mannita and the indiator (neutral red) updating of environment.
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Nosovaja a apsule

(apsula nasalis, LN) - hrjashhevaja, partially okostenevajushhaja an environment surrounding retseptornye sites of body of sense of smell at germs pozvonohnyh.
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(istor. mono-+ the ardiogram) - vektorkardiogramma, onstruted by a geometrial method in a fae-to-fae plane on the basis of the analysis of the eletroardiogram in three standard assignments.
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The safety preautions

-system of organizational and tehnial ations and the means preventing influene on working dangerous prodution fators (in aordane with GOST ..-).
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Bekhterev akroeritroz

(Century of M. Bekhterev, -, owls. The neuropsyhiatrist and the physiologist) - see Akroeritroz.
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Mud lake

-the lake, whih ground adjournment partially or are ompletely presented sulphidi ilovymi, sapropeli or lay adjournment.
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Shankr mixed

(ulus mixtum) - a uler, harateristi for soft shankra, and then getting features firm shankra it is observed at simultaneous infetion with a syphilis and soft shankrom.
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Vidmanna - nejmanna operation

(Widmann Neumann, -, it. The pathologist) - surgial operation issehenija desnevogo edges at a level pathologial zubodesnevyh pokets and removal of pathologially hanged sites of edges of alveoluses and interalveolar partitions it is applied at a parodontosis.
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Shvarttse operation

(. R. Shwartze, -, it{him}. otorinolaringolog) - see Mastoidotomija.
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(duodeno-+ greh. skopeo to onsider sin. duodenofibroskopija) - a method of researh of a muous membrane of a duodenal gut by its survey by means of gastroduodenoskopa.
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(periardetomia a periardium + ektomija) - surgial operation: removal of a periardium.
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Ptoz trahomatoznyj

(ptosis trahomatosa) - see psevdoptoz trahomatoznyj.
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Retrosternalnoe spae

(spatium retrosternale retro-+ anat. sternum a brest) - see Zagrudinnoe spae.
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Paramakuljarnaja a zone

(para-+ an armour. maula a spot) - the part of ytoplasm surrounding a light spot in some ells (napr., in bazofilnyh adenotsitah a hypophysis).
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Branhes to a firm environment of a brain

A plaintive artery (rami meningei) - see the List anat. Terms.
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Vimbergera an attribute

(H. Wimberger) - see Vimbergera rings.
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Busse - bushke blastomikoz

(Busse, -, it. The pathologist: A. Bushke, -, it. dermatolog) - see Kriptokokkoz.
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Struture of fiber hetvertihnaja

-a spatial arrangement polipeptidnoj the iruits, aused by its{her} ommuniations{onnetions} with the next iruits.
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