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Kolduella - the hath operation

(G. W. Caldwell, -, amer. otorinolaringolog Lu, -, frants. otorinolaringolog) - surgial operation at the hroni antritis, onsisting opening verhneheljustnoj bosoms through a forward wall (after a ut under a upper lip), removal of a muous membrane and formation of the wide aperture onneting a bosom with bottom nosovym by the ourse.
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(pielo- greh. pyelos a trough, lohan) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning to pohehnoj lohanke .
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Abuladze reeption

(D.A.Abuladze, -, owls. The -gyneologist) - akushersky manual reeption of alloation posleda, belly walls onsisting fixing by dense ohvatyvanija both diret musles of a stomah with formation of a vertial fold of a belly wall then to the lying-in woman offer potuzhitsja.
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Troyanov transplevralnyj aess

(istor. A.A.Troyanov) - operative aess through a pleural avity and a diaphragm for opening poddiafragmalnogo an absess.
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The stablishment of the sexual relations

-revealing of proofs of fulfilment of the sexual ertifiate{at} at survey, researh of a orpse, laboratory researh of material evidenes.
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Flight in illness

The form of the psyhogeni reation, shown mental, somatovegetativnymi and other frustration arising and kept in onnetion with an adverse situation for an individual, an opportunity of original leaving giving to it from this situation.
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The sarlet fever

(sarlatina ital. sarlattina, from an armour. sarlatum bright red olor) - the sharp infetious disease aused gemolitiheskim by a streptoous, produing eritrogennyj toxin it is transferred{transmitted} air-drop by it is haraterized by a fever, an intoxiation, a sharp tonsillitis with regionarnym limfadenitom, melkotohehnoj a rash.
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(Glossina) - see the Fly tsetse.
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(spleno-+ anat. vena portae vorotnaja a vein + greh. grapho to write, represent sin.: rentgenolienoportografija, flebografija selezenohnaja) - flebografija selezenohnoj and vorotnoj veins with their branhes at whih ontrast substane enter into a pulp of a spleen by means of a punture.
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Femoral trunk

(trunus ruralis) - see the List anat. Terms.
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Aleksandrova a symptom

(. Alexanders Item, -, oteh. The surgeon) - a thikening and slow raspravlenie a skin fold grasped by fingers in the field of a joint at a tuberular arthritis an early diagnosti attribute.
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Polisaharid, similar on a struture with glikogenom, but differing smaller branhing of a moleule entury of a liver ollets at genetially aused absene glikogen- enzyme (glikogenoz IV type).
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Volmana illness

(Wolman, sovr. amer. The pediatrist sin. Illness of aumulation of ethers of holesterol) - the hereditary illness, desribed endoellular aumulation of ethers, holesterol and triglitseridov type of inheritane autosomno- to type.
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Porokeratoz dot

(porokeratosis puntata) - see Keratodermija spotty disseminirovannaja symmetri.
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Cornflower-blue - gefter a method

(. Vasilkova, -, owls. gelmintolog Century of A.Gefter, a sort. In , owls. gelmintolog) - a method of researh of ground on eggs gelmintov by viewing under a mirosope of the superfiial film formed at tsentrifugirovanii of a mix of the sated solution of nitrate of sodium with a deposit, reeived after tsentrifugirovanija tests of ground about % a solution of alkali.
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Panarteriit plural obliterating

(panarteriitis multiplex obliterans) - see Takajasu a syndrome.
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(onjuntivitis konjunktiva +-) - an inflammation konjunktivy.
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Interval p - p

-a time interval between the beginning zubtsov P eletroardiograms in adjaent intimate yles norm it is equal to interval R - R, that an be broken at inomplete atrioventrikuljarnoj to blokade, supraventrikuljarnoj ekstrasistolii, migrations of the driver of a rhythm, et.
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(depilatio de-+ an armour. pilus hair) - the removal of hair whih is not mentioning a hair bulb therefore growth of hair is not broken.
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(disarthrosis diskoz + artroz) - a ombination diskoza with artrozom intervertebral joints at an osteohondrosis of a bakbone.
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(an armour. interior internal + a reeptor) - see Interotseptor.
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