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Vebera a knife

(A. Weber, -, it. The ophthalmologist) - a knife for a setion plaintive kanaltsev with unilateral izognutym a narrow edge on whih end is available olivoobraznoe a thikening failitating input of an edge in kanalets.
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The shok spinal

-time{temporary} sharp falling of exitability of the nervous enters loated below a level of damage of a spinal ord, shown easing of orresponding{meeting} spinal reflexes.
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Gera keratom

(F. Jaeger, -, the Austrian ophthalmologist) - see the Knife kopevidnyj eye.
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Dementia paranoidnoe

(ustar. dementia paranoidea) - see Shizophrenia paranoidnaja.
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(latero-+ greh. metreo to measure, define) - the devie for researh binauralnogo hearing.
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Flatau a reflex

(Flatau, -, the Polish neuropathologist) - see the Reflex nosopodborodohnyj.
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Mikuliha retrogradnoe expansion kardii

(J. F. Mikuliz-Radeki sin. transgastralnoe expansion kardii) - surgial operation in oasion of kardiospazma at whih make gastrotomiju and from a avity of a stomah with fingers or the tool expand kardiju.
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The turn of a ot

(sin. Funtion of a ot) - a parameter of use koehnogo fund: the average of the patients falling one atually developed ot for year.
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(greh. lyo to dissolve + phileo to love, have propensity) - property of substane intensively to ooperate with the liquid environment (to be dissolved, moistened it. d.) presene auses, napr., ability of substanes to get into a ell.
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Sharko- a symptom

(J. Charot, -, frants. The neuropathologist Brissaud, -, frants. The pathologist sin. A spasm gubojazyhnyj) - prorastination of a orner of a mouth and a deviation{rejetion} of language in the same party{side} it is observed at a hysteria.
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(bradyphagia bradi-+ greh. phagein to eat, swallow) - of the slowed down swallowing it is observed at unilateral defeat jazykoglotohnogo or wandering nerves or their kernels, and also at a hysteria.
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(ystinosis tsistin +- sin.: abdergaldena--n a syndrome, abdergaldena- a syndrome, a diabetes glikofosfaminnyj, Linjaka a syndrome, linjaka- a syndrome) - the hereditary illness aused by infringement of an exhange tsistina with adjournment of its{his} rystals in retikuljarnyh ells{ages} of a bone brain, a liver, a spleen and lymphati system, and also in ells{ages} of a ornea and konjunktivy it is haraterized by a growth inhibition, development rahitopodobnyh hanges in bones, infringement of sight, aminoatsiduriej, gljukozuriej, gipofosfatemiej and an anemia it is inherited on retsessivnomu to type.
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Memory immunologiheskaja

-ability of an organism to answer intensive immunologiheskoj (anamnestiheskoj) reation to repeated ontat to an antigene it is aused by existene long-living B-, storing the information on the given antigene.
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The figure omegi

-a ontour of folds of a leather{skin} of the top part of the person{fae}, reminding the Greek letter About (omega) it is observed at depression and it is aused by redution of the musles shifting eyebrowes, with formation{eduation} of a longitudinal fold of a leather{skin} above whih ross-setion folds are loated.
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Rusakova imperfet desmogenez

(And. Century of Hares) - see Desmogenez imperfet.
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(Lombroso, -, ital. The psyhiatrist and the anthropologist) - the antisientifi onept about ongenital morfofiziologiheskoj predispositions of separate individuals to riminal offenes.
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(ustar.) - see fruktozobisfosfat-.
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The strait jaket

(istor.) - the speial lothes onneting movements of finitenesses and a trunk mentally sik with expressed impellent exitation it was applied in entury
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Stranskogo noopsihe

(greh. nus, noos mind{wit}, razumnost + psyhe soul, onsiousness Stransky, a sort. In , the Austrian psyhiatrist) - the intelletual, rational party{side} of mental ativity absene of a oordination between noopsihe and is emotional-strong-willed sphere was onsidered{examined} by the author as the basi frustration at shizophrenia.
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Borozda the big stony nerve

(sulus nervi petrosi majoris, PNA: sulus nervi petrosi superfiialis majoris, BNA, JNA) - a deepening on a forward surfae of a pyramid of the temporal bone, being a plae of passage of the big stony nerve.
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(narosis sin.: anesthesia the general, anesthesia the general) - anesteziologihesky a method onsisting alling . for painless arrying out of surgial intervention and reation of onditions for management by funtions of an organism.
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