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Verne - sikara - kolle a syndrome

(Vernet, a sort.. In , frants. The neuropathologist J. A. Siard, -, frants. The neuropathologist F. J. Collet, -, frants. otorinolaringolog) - see the Syndrome jaremnogo apertures.
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The strip ganglionarnoj a plate

(stria laminae ganglionaris sin. Bajjarzhe an internal strip) - a ongestion horizontally loated mielinovyh fibres in a new bark of the brain, orresponding a sublayer b it V mieloarhitektoniheskogo a layer.
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(psiho-+ surgery) - set of surgial methods of treatment of mental illnesses and psyhopathologial syndromes.
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Hormone ()

(hormonum,-a greh. hormao to atuate, indue) - group of biologially ative substanes alloated zhelezami of internal seretion hormones name also some substanes, sekretiruemye not ferruterous fabris.
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(hypoaliaemia gipo-+ alium + greh. haima blood) - the lowered maintenane of alium in whey of blood it is most expressed at gipofunktsii okoloshhitovidnyh zhelez.
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-the tool for hreskozhnoj and opened biopsii parenhimatoznyh the bodies, onsisting of two inserted eah other thin-walled trubok, having the onterminous windows utting a slie of a fabri at moving of an internal needle in the hannel external.
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Sharko a joint

(J. Charot) - see Artropatija nejrogennaja.
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(brahyheilia brahi-+ greh. heilos a lip) - anomaly of development: shortening of an average part of a upper lip at whih it not ompletely overs the top teeth.
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(paraphlebitis para-+ greh. phleps, phlebos a vein +-) - an inflammation of the fabris surrounding a vein.
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Lipmanna a phenomenon

(. Liepmann sin. Lipmanna intelletual illusions, Lipmanna a symptom) - ourrene of the visual halluinations orresponding the maintenane of suggestion, made with simultaneous pressing on eyeballs it is observed at aloholi delirii.
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Hapina- a sharp uler of a vulva

(D.S.Chapin Lipshutz, -, Austrian dermatolog sin.: a uler of a vulva sharp, a uler pseudo-venereal) - the sharp illness of female external genitals aused by a sensitization of an organism by stik Dederlejna and desribed formation{eduation} of plural purulent ulers on a muous membrane of external genitals.
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Babinskogo a phenomenon

(J. F. F. Babinski) - at supinatsii extended hands I the finger of a brush on the party of defeat of a hemisphere of a erebellum appears above, than on other party.
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(an armour. vertigo) - see Dizziness.
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(auto-+ an armour. aggressio an attak, an attak) - see Autoallergija.
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(maroornea mokro-+ anat. ornea a ornea) - see megalokornea.
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Gematurija false

(haematuria spuria) - olouring wet in red olor owing to presene in it of impurity of blood pigments (napr., at gemoglobinurii).
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Kokh postulates

(R. Koh) - see Kokh a triad.
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(urina) - the biologial liquid developed by kidneys and dedued from an organism on uri ways.
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Shtejnmanna a symptom

(F. Steinmann) - ourrene or strengthening{amplifiation} be ill{sik} at external rotation of the shin bent under a right angle an attribute of damage of an internal menisus.
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(osteolysis osteo-+ greh. lysis deomposition, dissolution) - rassasyvanie the limited site of a bone without the subsequent replaement by other fabri.
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Gemosideroz lungs idiopatihesky

(haemosiderosis pulmonum idiopathia sin.: an anemia pnevmogemorragiheskaja gipohromnaja remittirujushhaja, gemosideroz lungs essentsialnyj, induratsija lungs brown idiopatiheskaja, induratsija lungs brown primary, TSelena a syndrome, TSelena - Gellerstedta a syndrome) - hroni illness not lear etiologii, beginning usually in the early hildhood and shown periodi pulmonary bleedings, gemosiderozom a pulmonary fabri and heavy gipohromnoj
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