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(dentes molares: an armour. lapis molaris a mill millstone, from molo molot sin. A teeth radial greater) - the onstant teeth of the top and bottom jaw loated on three from eah party dental of some have or roots and a hewing surfae, obrazuemuju to three, four or five bugorkami.
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The syndrome -erebral

(syndromum oronarioerebrale) - kardiotserebralnyj a syndrome aused by insuffiieny of oronary blood irulation.
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(mesaortitis mez-+ an aorta +-) - an inflammation of an average environment of the aorta, desribed expansion of an aorta down to development aneurysms.
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The syndrome paramediannyh arteries of a trunk of a brain

(syndromum arteriarum paramedianarum truni erebri) - the general{ommon} name of various ombinations of symptoms of defeat of separate strutures of a trunk of the brain, aused by orking or sdavleniem branhes baziljarnoj arteries.
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(mastodynia mast-+ greh. odyne a pain sin.: Cooper illness, mastalgija) - a pain in the field of a mammary gland it is observed at young women at neurosises, before menstruatsiej, at girls - in pubertatnom age.
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(thyroytus, LNH tiro-+ gist. ytus a ell{age} sin. A ell{age} tireoidnaja) - epitelialnaja a ell{age} from walls of folliles of a thyroid gland are onstruted.
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Medial sister younger

(sin. The sister on are of patients) - the worker of stationary medial establishment who is arrying out the general are by patients (hange of linen, feeding, et.) preparation with. The m. is made in medial establishments, and also on short-term rates of soieties of the Red Cross.
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Gelbera environment

(Helber) - a dense nutrient medium for kultivirovanija mikobaktery a tuberulosis whih basi omponents are the eggs, the removed ow milk, potato broth, pepton, glyerin, salts and malahite greens.
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Underpressure of a bone

(osteoporosis) - see the Bony rarefiation.
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The ith grain

(sabies ventriosa sin.: an ith matratsnaja, an ith straw, an ith barley) - dermatoz, aused by tik Pediuloides ventriosus, desribed ithing urtikarno- and eritematozno- vysypanijami and large bubbles, it is frequent with fine vezikulami on their surfae.
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-high-alorie insuffiieny

(ustar.) - see -power insuffiieny.
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(aboralis ab-+ an armour. os, oris a mouth) - distant onerning an oral aperture it is applied gl. obr. In relation to elements of a gastroenteri path.
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The longitudinal hannel of an appendage jaihnika

(dutus epoophori longitudinalis, PNA, BNA, JNA sin.: gartnerov the hannel, gartnerov tjazh, gartnerov a ourse) - kanalets, loated in a wide sheaf of a uterus near the end matohnoj pipes the rest embrionalnogo mezonefralnogo a hannel.
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Polupronitsaemaja a membrane

-a membrane, nontight for moleules (ions) solvent and not nontight for moleules (ions) dissolved substanes the m. possess properties many biologial membranes the m. are used in some medial devies and devies (napr., in an artifiial kidney).
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Grubera operation

(J. Gruber, -, Austrian otorinolaringolog) - surgial osmeti operation for elimination ottopyrivanija the auriles, onsisting in issehenii an ellipse site of a leather in the field of sostsevidnogo a shoot and a bak surfae of an aurile with the subsequent suturation on edges of defet.
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(greh. athere a liquid porridge, kashitsa) - the omponent of omplex words meaning adjournment of soft, pastelike substanes , napr. In walls of arteries.
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Lorentz the spoon

(A. Lorenz) - the surgial tool for vyskablivanija a artilage from vertluzhnoj hollows at artrodeze, representing the round sharp spoon, utting whih edge for onveniene of work is arried a little aside from an axis.
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(spermatorrhoea spermato-+ greh. rhoia urrent, the expiration sin. The expiration of a seed) - alloation of sperm from a urethra without sexual exitation, is usual in the end moheispuskanija or at defekatsii it is aused by weakness of a musular environment semjavybrasyvajushhego a hannel.
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(arrhaphia greh. arrhaphos integral, without seams) - anomaly of development of the entral nervous system: nezamykanie embrionalnoj a nervous tube therefore the spinal ord is formed in the form of a flat plate.
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Trahomatoznye grains

(granulationes trahomatosae sin. Folliles trahomatoznye) - the fine transluent enters of -grey or -grey olor on konjunktive a entury and the transitive folds, onsisting from limfoidnyh ells{ages} of a various degree of a maturity are formed at a trahoma.
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(narotismus) - see the Narotism.
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