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-hewing area

(regio parotideomasseteria, PNA, BNA, JNA) - the area of the person limited from above by a malar arh, in front - a first line of a hewing musle, from below - the bottom edge of the bottom jaw, behind - external aoustial pass and a first line sostsevidnogo a shoot.
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Geroty fastsija

(fasia Gerotae D. Gerota) - see t. . The list anat. Terms.
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Stimulation antigeni

-stimulation of proesses proliferatsii and differentiations of ells{ages} limfoidnoj systems at hit in an organism of any antigene.
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(degeneratio, an armour. degenero to degenerate, regenerate) - ) (sin. Degradation) in biology - proess of simplifiation, return development ) in a pathology - see the Dystrophy.
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Paneta a ell

(J. Paneth, -, it. The anatomist) - see nterotsit with atsidofilnymi granules.
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Bark of an adrenal gland

(ortex glandulae suprarenalis) - see Korkovoe substane of an adrenal gland.
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(allogenesis allo-+ greh. genesis an origin, development) - see Allomorfoz.
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Gisa the mosai theory

(W. His, -, it. The anatomist sin. Gisa a priniple) - the theory aording to whih the germ at early stages embriogeneza represents as though a mosai from variously determined blastomerov, unable to hange a diretion of the development.
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Delbe - a path operation

(L. Delbet, -, frants. The surgeon F. S. Path, a sort. In , the Canadian urologist) - surgial operation of elimination of an exess mohetohnika, the additional vessel of the kidney onneted with presene, onsisting mobilization of a vessel, its displaement and fixing on a wall lohanki or a fibrous apsule of a kidney.
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Big sosohek a duodenal gut

(papilla duodeni major, PNA sin. faterov dummies) - an eminene on the end of a longitudinal fold of a muous membrane of the duodenal gut, loated at a level of the middle of a desending part of a gut on with. d. To. The general bilious and panreati hannels, as a rule, one aperture open.
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Medial aid station

-the general name of stages of medial evauation of parts and onnetions of a field army.
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Dezinfektsionnyj a boiler

(sin. A sterilizer - nrk) - the devie for disinfeting surgial tools, syringes, utensils, kateterov and t. Item by kipjahenija in water at atmospheri pressure represents a metal retangular box with a demountable over.
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Cimex letularius

(a bug bed) - blood-siking beskryloe an inset this. Cimiidae, parasitizing on the person, rodents, bats, birds bugs an keep in themselves of ativators of a plague, tuljaremii, sypnogo and returnable typhuss, the -fever and some other infetious diseases.
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Ntsefalit kleshhevoj spring-and-summer

(enephalitis aarinarum orientalis sin.: entsefalit Far ast, entsefalit Russian spring-and-summer, entsefalit taiga, entsefalit endemihesky spring) - sharp virus prirodno- infetious disease with transmissivnym (through iksodovyh tiks) or alimentary (through koze milk) by transfer meets mainly in wood distrit during the spring-and-summer period it is haraterized virusemiej, a fever and heavy defeats ts. n. With.
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Malasse epitelialnye ostrovki

(L. Ch. Malassez) - ongestions or tjazhi epitelialnyh ells in a periodontium of the generated teeth, the representing rests gertvigovskogo epitelialnogo vaginas an be a soure of formation root kist.
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The quipment

In mediine - the produts of iatrotehnis intended for maintenane of neessary onditions of patients and the medial personnel at arrying out of medial-diagnosti ations, and also for use at are of patients.
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(pnevmo-- rentgenografija) - see Pneumography.
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(greh. metabole hange, transformation) - see a metabolism.
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(greh. states osting{standing}, established{installed}, motionless) - the omponent of omplex{diffiult} words meaning onerning the ertain position .
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(sub-+ hromonema) - see Hromofibrilla.
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-sharp mental frustration in the form of fear of disappearane of a sexual member and fear of the subsequent death it is desribed at aboriginals of Southern Asia.
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