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(Clostridium, Ber) - a sort of bateria this. Baillaeae, uniting sporoobrazujushhie anaerobnye the stiks whih are not restoring sulfates in sulfides, not synthesizing katalazu and tsitohromy, not ontaining flavinovye enzymes the majority of kinds grampolozhitelny, are mobile some kinds patogenny for the person, napr. Clostridium botulinum - the ativator of a botulism, Clostridium tetani - a tetanus, Clostridium histolytium, Clostridium perfringens, et. - anaerobnoj infetions.
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Shildera test

(P. F. Shilder) - a method of revealing of defeat of a erebellum at whih to the patient in position osting{standing} with the hands extended forward and the losed eyes suggest to turn a head sharply the hand on the party{side} of defeat rises also both hands deviate in the same party{side}.
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(greh. kranion, an armour. ranium a skull) - the omponent of omplex words meaning onerning a skull .
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Ritrodermija psoriatiheskaja

(erythrodermia psoriatia sin. psoriaz universal) - the heavy form psoriaza, desribed defeat of all leather{skin}, and also nails and aompanied a fever, poliadenitom, artralgijami.
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Atrophy of a fatty fabri koltsevidnaja

(atrophia textus adiposi anularis sin. Ferrejra - Markisha a syndrome) - illness not lear etiologii. Desribed an atrophy hypodermi fatty klethatki in the form of deep koltsevidnyh borozd, symmetrially overing forearms.
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Vernike sejunktsija

(istor. Wernike sin. sejunktsija) - separation of assoiative ommuniations ts. n. With., laying, under mehanisti theory Vernike, in a basis of mental frustration.
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Hepatites epidemi

(hepatitis epidemia) - see the Hepatites infetious.
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Sarkoid hypodermi

(saroidum subutaneum) - see to Darya- sarkoid.
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(nglish urning) - see the Gay.
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(nejroleptiki + analgezija) - the method of anesthesia based on sohetannom appliation nejroleptiheskih of means and naroti analgetikov.
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Bureau it is judiial-medial examination

The medial institution, arrying out is judiial-medial examination in ontat to judiial authorities and internal affairs.
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(an-+ euploidija, sin. geteroploidija) - absene of separate hromosomes or their superfluous quantity in genome underlies of some hromosomal illnesses of the person.
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(halluinationes an armour. halluinatio delirium, visions sin. true) - frustration of pereption in the form of sensations and the images involuntarily arising without real razdrazhitelja (objet) and getting for the patient harater of an objetive reality.
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(toxin + therapy) - treatment by toxins (napr., beer or snake poison).
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Arkhangelsk akushersky turn

(B.A.Arhangelsky, -, owls. The -gyneologist) - external akushersky turn on a head, made at ross-setion or slanting position of a fruit or at tazovom prelying whih main priniple is displaement of buttoks aside baks, baks - aside heads, heads - to a belly wall of a fruit.
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(holesterol + greh. haima blood) - see giperholesterinemija.
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The layer of a root dentinnyj granular

(stratum granulosum dentini radiis, LNH sin. Tomsa a granular layer) - a layer dentina a root of the tooth, onsisting from fine dentinnyh spheres and loated on border with ement.
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Harrison test

(G. A. Harrison sin. Harrison - Fushe test) - a method of detetion of bilirubin in the urine, based, on ourrene of dark blue or green painting at oxidation of bilirubin up to biliverdina a water solution polutorahloristogo iron and trihloruksusnoj aids (reatant Fushe).
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(a gene + a opy) - the similar phenotypes whih have generated under influene different neallelnyh of genes.
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(physiopathiae fizio-+ greh. pathos suffering, illness) - paralyses and kontraktury, arising in a wartime after easy{light} wounds of nerves and joints are loalized in areas, anatomiheski not onneted with the suffered nerve or a joint, more often in distalnyh departments of finitenesses the basi role in ourrene is played with psyhogeni fators.
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Ndolimfatiheskoe spae

(spatium endolymphatium) - a avity of a webby labyrinth ontains endolimfu.
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